Rambler - rambler american wagon 1959
Dare to be different!!!
Rambler American wagon 1959 2 deurs.
Compacte wagon met 6 cil flathead motor.
Voor restauratie.

1959 Rambler American 2-Door Club Sedan
A two-door station wagon was added to the line in 1959. With the larger Rambler Six wagons offered only as four-door models, AMC's management thought there would be little sales cannibalization from the American.[13] The Deluxe wagon was priced at $2,060, while the $2,145 Super version included a standard cargo-area mat and roof rack.[13] A Deliveryman commercial wagon, with no rear seat and an extended cargo floor, was available, but found few takers. Self-adjusting brakes were added in 1959.[14]

Rambler sales increased in 1959, and AMC struggled to keep up with demand as production tripled to 91,491 Americans, with 32,639 (almost 36 percent) made up by the new wagon.[13] The two-door sedans each sold nearly as well, also, at 29,954 for the lower-priced Deluxe and 28,449 for the top-line Super. (Bron wikipedia)
€ 8950