Chrysler - chrysler newyorker town and country 1954 hemi
Zeer gave Chrysler newyorker town and country
331 hemi motor
power steering
Slechts 1100 keer gebouwd
unieke vormgeving
interieur moet gerestaureerd
veel extra delen
Duurder dan een nieuwe cadillac in 1954.
Veel onderdelen uitwisselbaar met newyorker of imperial 1951-1954
The 1953 New Yorker had a less bulky look with the wheelbase reduced to 125.5 in (3,190 mm),[8] a one-piece curved windshield[15] and rear fenders integrated into the body. Wire wheels were now an option. The Saratoga of 1952 became the New Yorker for 1953 while the former New Yorker was now the New Yorker DeLuxe. The convertible and Newport hardtop were available only in the New Yorker DeLuxe while the base New Yorker offered a long wheelbase sedan and a Town & Country wagon. The convertible was New Yorker's costliest model on the 125.5 in (3,190 mm) chassis for 1953 at $3,980 – only 950 were built. Also new were pull-style exterior door handles.[16]

The 1954 was a premium version of a standard 1950s size body. Chrysler's interest in six cylinder vehicles began to wane in favor of the popular FirePower Hemi V8. The New Yorker was priced a little more affordably, at $3,230 for the standard and $3,400 for the DeLuxe. The standard model had a mild 195 hp (145 kW) output while the DeLuxe was used as a testbed of the engine's capabilities by outputting 235 hp (175 kW). (Such power was unheard of in 1954 from its competitors.) Although introduced very late in the 1953 model year, all 1954 New Yorkers were available with the new two speed Powerflite automatic transmission. Fluid Torque Drive and Fluid Matic were dropped. 1954 was the last year the long wheelbase sedan was offered by Chrysler.(sourceWikipedia)

€ 11750