Ford - Ford Thunderbird Convertible 1960

leuke Ford Tbird cabriolet 1960 Nederlands kenteken. v8 automaat. elektrische kap. Franse licentie bouw, (bijzonder) goed lopend en goed rijdend.


Second generation (1958 á 1960) Main article: Ford Thunderbird (second generation) 1959 Ford Thunderbird Although the 1955-57 Thunderbird was a success, Ford executives - particularly Robert McNamara - were concerned that the car's position as a two-seater limited its sales potential. As a result, the car was redesigned as a four-seater for 1958. The new Thunderbird began a sales momentum previously unseen with the car, selling 200,000 units in three years, four times the result of the two-seat model. This success spawned a new market segment, the personal luxury car. It was the first individual model line (as opposed to an entire company) to earn Motor Trend "Car of the Year" honors. It was offered in both hardtop and convertible body styles, although the latter was not introduced until June 1958, five months after the release of the hardtop.[24] The new Thunderbird was considerably larger than the previous generation, with a longer 113.0 in (2,870 mm) wheelbase to accommodate the new back seat. The increased size also increased the car's weight by 800 lb (363 kg). Along with a new, more rigid unibody construction was new styling, including quad headlights, more prominent tailfins, a bolder chrome grille, and a larger, though non-functional, hood scoop. Powering the Thunderbird was a new, 300 hp (224 kW) 352 cu in (5.8 L) FE V8, available with a three-speed manual or automatic transmissions.[12] In the 1958 model year in which the car was introduced, sales were 37,892 units, outselling the previous model year's 16,000 units. For 1959, the car received a new grille and a newly optional, 350 hp (261 kW) 430 cu in (7.0 L) MEL V8 for 1959, sales climbed even higher to 67,456 units. For 1960, the Thunderbird was given another new grille and other minor styling changes along with a newly optional manually operated sunroof for hardtop models. Dual-unit round taillights from 1958 to 1959 were changed to triple-units after the fashion of the Chevrolet Impala. Sales increased again with 92,843 sold for 1960. bron wikipedia

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